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Update Date: 2016-07-28  Period Of Validity To:Long Term Validity

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Detail Information
CAS: 9012-76-4
MF: C6H11NO4X2
MW: 161.16
EINECS: 222-311-2
Assay: 90%,95%
Appearance: White powder
Chemical Property: By the Alaska deep snow crab through decalcification, deproteinization, decoloration, deacetylation process into human life, reputation as the sixth elements. Many kinds of application, also
1, as antimicrobial agents in foods. Chitosan and its derivatives have good antibacterial activity, can have some bacteria, fungi and virus growth.
And it itself is harmless, use only a few can achieve very good results, to food sterilization insurance plays a very important role.
2, as a preservative for fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables to maintain its taste, but also to ensure that their nutrition, to take reasonable means of insurance is very important, especially for those in need of long-distance transportation of fruits and vegetables, insurance is more important.
To apply fresh use of chitosan, and the film has good permeability and water resistance, effectively inhibit the fruit and vegetable breathing environment, reduced the respiratory metabolism of them, at the same time, water loss is greatly reduced, so that fruits and vegetables nutrition value and appearance are well protected.
3, antioxidant. The meat is placed for a long time will often appear corrupt phenomenon, make meat taste and nutrition are greatly loss, the use of the meat products of chitosan treated, the antioxidant capacity greatly enhanced, now a lot of meat products in the insurance can have used chitosan.
4, fruit juice clarifying agent. Fruit juice contains vitamins and minerals are stored for a long time, often appear turbid phenomenon, the addition of chitosan must make, can effectively avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon, the juice purification is good, but also keep the fruit color and taste.
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