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Steel Tape Armored Cable
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product/Service: Browsing Times:930Steel Tape Armored Cable 
Type: 0002 
Brand: Jiapu 
Unit Price: 1.00USD/km 
Minimun Order Quantity: 1 km 
Total Supply: 100000 km
Deliver Deadline: Once finish the payment 3cargo will be delivered in days
Update Date: 2015-12-06  Period Of Validity To:Long Term Validity

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Detail Information
 a. Conductor: Aluminum, Copper, Class 2 according to IEC60228
b. semiconductive conductor screen
c. Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene)
d. semiconductive insulation screen
e. metallic screen(Copper wire or Copper tape Screen)
f.  PVC bedding
g. Armour:
              Single Core Cable: Aluminum Tape
              Three Core Cable: Galvanized steel tape armour
h. PVC outer sheath
Sheath Color: Black or Colors
1) Applications:Steel Tape Armored Cable is suitable for transmit power on the power transmission.To be laid underground,the cable could bear certain mechanical force,but it could not bear great pulling force.cable not only has excellent electric, mechanical properties, but also has powerful resistance against heat aging, environmental stress and chemical corrosion. Its structure is simple and convenient to use and can be laid with no restriction of different elevation.The permissible maximum operating temperature is 90. Our steel tape armored cable (STA Cable) can be produced according to our company standard which is equivalent IEC60502. We can design and manufacture special Steel Tape Armored Cable according to the required by yours.

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