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Free Ball float Steam Trap,stainless steel,WCB,cast

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Product/ Service: Free Ball float Steam Trap  
Specification: standard,API,ISO9001,CE... 
Unit Price: 1.00USD/set  quote
Minimum Order: 1 set  order
Total Amount of Supply: 500 set
Delivery: deliver within 15 days after the buyer has paid
Valid until: 2022-07-20
Last Update: 2018-01-02
Views: 1267
Company Information
Detailed information about this product

Free Ball float Steam Trap 

Free Ball float Steam Trap 

Free Ball Float Steam Trap Performance / Advantages: 
Continues discharging saturation condensed water without accumulation, and so get the maximum thermal efficiency.
When steam pressure changes, the ball float can adjust the opening of valve seat without influence, and so it is stable.
With automatic and manual releaser, and so its exhaust performance is good without airlock and working is smooth without noise.

Free Ball Float Steam Trap Application: 
By automation, speediness and continuing features, this valve is used for the steam heating equipment, condensation water recovery system and the place where needs removing condensation water at quick speed, and so stop steam leakage effectively and obtain optimum heating.
Free Ball Float Steam Trap Working Principle: 
By the action of buoyancy, the position of floating ball changes with the water level of condensation water and adjust the opening of valve seat automatically, continue to discharge condensation water, when the condensation water stops, the floating ball fall onto bottom by gravity, then close opening of drain valve. The opening of drain valve is below the water lever, and so the water is separated from steam automatically, and form water seal without steam leakage.

Free Ball Float Steam Trap Performance Parameter/ Material List of Main Part:

Mini Working Pressure


Maxi allowable temperature for cast steel

42 5

Mini degree of super cooling


Maxi allowable temperature for stainless steel


Leakage rate with loading


Working Medium

Saturated vapor, condensed water

Maxi allowable rate of back pressure


Exhaust plant

Stainless steel / alloy

Valve body, cap

WCB / 304

Floating ball

Stainless steel

Valve seat

2Cr13 / 304


Stainless steel

Free Ball Float Steam Trap Main Basis for Type Selection: 
Condensation water loading (discharge)kg/h (select the multiplying power 2~3 times).
Maximum working pressure Mpa
Operation pressure differential
Valve material and nominal pressure
Connection mode and dimension
Free Ball Float Steam Trap Use and Maintenance: 
Confirm the valve material, pressure and check if the maximum is suitable for operation condition.
Before installation, clean the pipeline and clear away sundries.
The installation position shall be closed to heating equipment as much as possible.
Install the minimum point of pipe horizontally and the direction of flow should be the same to the label of valve.
Install steam trap for each heating equipment in case cause influence each other.
under the safe operation of system, open the valve in front of the steam trap, make it rise up to normal station slowly.
Do time-based maintenance for the normal working of steam trap.

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