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W Series Spring Loaded Full Lift Safety Valve

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Product/ Service: W Series Spring Loaded Full Lift Safety Valve 
Specification: standard,API,ISO9001,CE... 
Unit Price: 1.00USD/set  quote
Minimum Order: 1 set  order
Total Amount of Supply: 500 set
Delivery: deliver within 15 days after the buyer has paid
Valid until: 2021-07-28
Last Update: 2018-06-19
Views: 4034
Company Information
Detailed information about this product
  • W Series Safety valve has Simple Structure, High Sealing Performance, Precise Opening Pressure, High Discharging performance.

    W Series Safety Valve is used for power plant boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing devices and other facilities.

    W Series Safety Valve Structure Briefing

    1. It has the following special features: Simple Structure, High Sealing Performance, Precise Opening Pressure, High Discharging,  Low Back Seat Pressure Differential, Easy Adjusting, etc.

    2. Nozzle Type Seat: It is the Laware Nozzle Type Seat. The Speed of the steam reaches the velocity of sound when passing the exit way of the seat; the sealed surface of the seat is made of hard alloy of cobalt by overlaying welding. Large discharge coefficient, fine abilities of anti-friction and corrosion resistance and long durability are recognized.

    3. Thermo elastic disc: The disc is of thermo elastic structure. Taking the advantage of its minor out-of-shape feature when under the medium pressure, the seal ability has been raised, and the problem that pre-discharge phenomenon of the main safety happens when the medium pressure approaching the set pressure has been overcome. The sealed surface of the disc has adopted the advanced technology of heat hardening to increase the hardness and the ability of anti-friction and corrosion resistance.

    4. Adjusting nut: Adjust the compression amount of spring by using set nut so that the valve can acquire appropriate set pressure rapidly and easily.

    5  Back pressure adjusting sleeve: it is an auxiliary apparaturs that serves to adjust the back pressure o the disc to acquire appropriate differential pressure for seat returning. If adjust upward, the back pressure of valve reduces. If adjjust downward, the back pressure rises.

    W Series Safety Valve Installation Instruction

    1. W Series Safety valve should be installed vertically and it would be better to install the valve directly upon the adaptor of the container or the pipe. The inside diameter of the adaptor should be no less than that of the inlet pipe of the safety valve.

    2. To avoid the thermal stress that is caused by the thermal expansion of the discharge pipe, the exit way of the safety valve shall be equipped with appropriate expansion joint. The inside diameter of the discharge pipe should be larger than the diameter of  the outlet of the valve. Its length shall be as short as possible and no bent is allowed. The weight of both the discharge pipe and the expansion joint shall not be applied to the safety valve,a nd they shall be fastened upon the construction. The distance between both centerlines of the discharge pipe and the boby shall be as short as possible. A water drainage pipe shall be installed separately for each safety valve.

    3. The outlet of the muffler shall have enough area in order to avoid producing back pressure that would affect the discharge capability of the valve.

    W Series Safety Valve Dimension

Other Information



Minimum Order:1
Packaging:plywood case

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