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Can Official for Fear of Punishment Suicide for All?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-02-22   Browse Times:905
Can Official for Fear of Punishment Suicide for All?

Can Official for Fear of Punishment Suicide for All?

Key Hints: On November 22, 2015, the secretary of Xiufeng District in Guilin City of Guangxin Province, Mansheng Zhao, fell at the corridor of his home. The first-aid doctor confirmed that he was dead on the spot.

On November 22, 2015, the secretary of Xiufeng District in Guilin City of Guangxi Province, Mansheng Zhao, fell at the corridor of his home. The first-aid doctor confirmed that he was dead on the spot. Local and many other medias reported the accidence. It is said that it is the third informal death of officials in GuangxiProvince this year. The first one was that the Secretary of Yizhou City, Hechi, Huang Pingquan accidentally fell in this April. The second one was that the mayor of Liuzhou city, Xiao Wensun fell in the River and was dead in an invalid rescue.
 And, according to media reports, during the two to three years since 2013, the national suicidal officials have reached nearly a hundred. And most of them are chief officers. They suicided mostly because of corruption and dereliction of duty. But their psychology of suicide is multiple. The first is that they can’t face the reality. The second is that they are afraid for implicating relatives and friends. The third is that they want to exempt from economic investigation with death. In short, officials commit suicide for fear of punishment. They just want to die for all. So really can they commit suicide for all?

The more one tries to hide , the more is exposed. Death can not hide the truth. With regard to the results of suicidal officials for fear of punishment, it can be seen that the discipline inspection commission won’t stop investigation because of their death. In contrary, the suicides of officials for fear of punishment will provide clues for the discipline inspection commission. Their families, relatives and friends are difficult to escape the fate of being traced. Not only will it influence the fame of relatives and friends, but it will accelerate the guilty persons arrested. In this view, those who have ideas of sacrificing himself to make people around him happy so as not to implicate friends and relatives can not achieve their aspirations.

The fool thinks he knows all. Death can not exempt from their liabilities. In view of the economic problems, suicidal officials seem to have ideas of absolving oneself from economic responsibility with death. In fact, when handling corrupted money and materials of officials involved in economic problems, the 328th provision in the Procedures of the Public Security Organ for Handling Criminal Cases stipulates that: When the suspect is dead and the the existing evidences prove the suspects have illegal income and other property involved that should be confiscated, the public security organs can investigate. When public security organs investigates, it can seize, detaine, inquire and freeze the illegal income and other property involved. If the suicidal officials are determined to have economic interests from violation of discipline, the income should be confiscated or restituted. Therefore, the suicidal officials for fear of punishment bring not only emotional tragedy that white-haired people send black-haired people and their families are broken but huge economic burden for their families.

Suicidal officials cheat themselves. Death isn’t the way of disengagement after all. Officials for fear of punishment suicide. They think they can die for all. For now, there's a broken family behind every suicide. And suicides think that death can bring disengagement for themselves. They never know sutra says killing his own life must suffer from hell. Killing his own life is difficult to escape from hell. And why is there a way to release it?

 So where should guilty officials go from here?

Firstly, Sincerely repent and face up to the reality bravely. In fact, the choice of life and death or the choice of bright and dark is completely between ideas. Even if he is infamous, there will be a turn for the better if he can repent sincerely. The teacher, Eileen, said in Survive in changes and firmly grasp the initiative of development of the serial lectures of Condensing Positive Energy: All the problems lie in one’s confrontation. All the responsibilities lie in one’s undertaking. When officials face their guilt, guilty feeling means they repent. If they can face the reality with positive consiciousness and dare to bear, they must have gotton the the positive energy of coming back to the true from false ways in the heart. And how is it not to surpass their own and survive in changes? At the same time, we also advise families of officials to dissuade officials from suicide and encourage them to face the responsibility. It also will remove them from the tragedy of suicide and broken family.

Secondly, move into the good and correct the mistakes for leniency. Since the guilty officials can’t get rid of the responsibility with suicides, so positive plead guilty will be wise. With regard to the respect of law, the teacher, Eileen, said in the lecture of Talking about the Rule of Law with Village Officials: The law is benevolent. And the law is also relentless. The law is the need of the development in human society. There is no space without the rule of law in the world. Any country, government and social governance need the rule of law. If guilty officials can respect national laws and confess candidly in the face of crime and move into the good and correct the mistakes, they must fight for benevolence of laws and get vitality and turn.

Thirdly, Cherish life and turn evil into good. The teacher, Eileen, ever said the concept of transformation for cancer patients in the lecture of Condense the Positive Energy and Deliver the Light of Life. She said: the transformation is our right orientation on the treatment of cancer and difficult miscellaneous diseases. Transformation is the characteristic of the time. Without transformation will bring regression. With respect to analysis of these situations, what differences do the impasse of guilty officials and the fatal illness of cancer patients have? In the concept of transformation, the old man for Chu Orange, Shijian Chu, is a very good example. He was famous at yong age. But he was also thrown into prison in the peak of his life and had nothing at all. He has never given up. At the age of 75, he restarted an undertaking and created the precious China orange with great originality. Old Chu transformed his ups and downs into the tough will. And how do guilty officials not cherish life and turn evil into good?

The sutra says: The life and death of a man is a heavy one. The life of a man is the most precious. The guilty officials think death can exchange for all. It is completely mistaken. Therefore, we appeal to all wandering officials or public servants and business elites who have troubles in the workplace can cherish their lives, bear responsibility bravely and sincerely face it. At the same time, you might as well take your issues to the Great Lecture of Turning Point. Eileen Inquiry can answer your questions face to face and gudie you out of the wrong path. The Five Elements World makes you see current events, understand the political situation and also help you improve your professional ability. Choice is in the hands of man forever. Life and death, happiness and misfortune seem to be in the God. But for people being always real and right, fortunes must not abandon them. 

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