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Exploiting the soil of Chinese Education by “Labor Education”

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Eileen‘s Commentation

Exploiting the soil of Chinese Education by “Labor Education”

In the afternoon on December 13,the exam of the civil servants in Beijing dropped down, the candidates discussed the essay question about the worth of ‘Labor Education’ in Chinese Education warmly .It is reported that in July this year, jointing the Youth League, the National Working Committee,the Ministry of Education issued “ The advice on strengthening labor education of the primary and secondary”, pointed out the problems of labor education, cleared the main goal, the basic principles, key aspects and safeguard mechanisms. But how can we cultivate the soil of education of China with “labor education”?

At the same period in July of this year, by the title of: “Where is the education dream? ‘In the series of lectures of cohesion positive energy in “The Turning Point “Lecture Room, Teacher Ellen profoundly explained: Education is the soil among a national five elements, also a mother and the earth. A Kind mother and a dutiful son, real nice soil and nice sapling and talent; Education isn’t complicated but simple, in our everyday life.” Education in the life “and "labor education" coincide.

"Labor education" has broken the stiff clay of "Mold education" Teacher Ellen said: Don’t educate with our mouths all day but by deeds which is more important than mouths. The mold education is just same as “obtaining education” like the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables. Under this kind of education, neither the children really contact with the community, nor know how to thanksgiving, nor get the true meaning of life, but blindly request. So there has been a "labor ashamed”, "Neet" and other groups, and even some people regard "All things are beneath contempt only high school" as the "truth.” of the exclusion of "labor education" .

Conversely, under the concept of "labor education”, like mothers The educators will selflessly offer the children a stable environment and friendly platform, and all kinds of situations of life, let the children really take part in their power in the social practice, so that they can touch real sun, air, water and soil and grow up like a seed. With such idea, Chinese education will be able to break the dead clay and burst vitality!

"Labor education” has made the bias of the modern education balanced. Against the bias of modem education, Teacher Ellen spoke: now the energy spent on the children’s moral education is minimal but on the scores up to eighty and eighty-Three is the bad bias in the modern education. Indeed "scores idea", "examination-oriented education" is not only the parents’ favor but the demand of a lot of the schools and the teachers. With this idea”, high score low-energy students”,” the persons can read but can’t live” even unscrupulous persons "and so on, all kinds of situations appeared.

For “Labor education” can be used for improving the energy of students’ deed. Teacher Ellen said: If we train our children as ordinary people, we teach him charity, self-reliant, willing to sacrifice, willing man ladder, public servants and paving stones, then they can endure contempt, make progresses, won’t be attracted by money and fame and dare to play. This kind of education is science one which can balance “Labor education” against the bias of contemporary education.

"Labor education" has loosened the fertile soil of Chinese education. When Teacher Ellen talked about the mistakes of Chinese education, she said the party of education, full-time education, preschool education, adult education and others seriously broke away from starting from the hearts and sided to the serious tendency of materialize, fractionalization, going to China, the official standard, administration, industrialization, commercialization. These failures are due to lack of core values, and disobey the concept of nowadays socialist core values of China. Then what’s this core values? Teacher Ellen said: For all in the legal community, inside of the way the core values is still to be found, ethics can be defended, righteousness sill can be spoken, and propriety is still available. We can’t throw these away in the spiritual level. And this concept is corresponding to the idea of present China “Carrying forward the traditional culture".

This core values is coming true through focusing on the children’s ability of working, living, that is “Labor education”. Jaspers, famous philosopher also pointed out in” What’s education?” The essence of education is waking up, to wake up students’ the sleeping nature, potential and dreams, arouse students' self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance and self-discipline, full of life, vitality and humanity glory.” Labor education" is just the way to keep children constantly calling spiritual wisdom and love by the method of gaining with their hands. Meanwhile the overseas reputation  "Chinese manufacturing industry" has called a distinctive national confidence created with both hands .In this view, "Labor education" can’t only make China's economic and cultural burst out vitality, but also make the soil of Chinese education more fertile.

Education, the native wealth, ruling country, self-cultivation for world peace, all of these rely on it. The stiff soil and infertility of China’s education has lasted very long which is known by the world. However, hard-working, intelligent Chinese are good to continuously choose the path from the experience and live in change.

The "labor education" is not new, the ancients said: Only get a little from paper but more by action. It stresses truth comes from practice. Then to pioneer the soil of Chinese education by “Labor education” and the concept of quality education of dedicated practice will be able to bring up a group of more outstanding elites who will grow up on the land of China.

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