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To talk about the permanence and impermanence of the wealth of the richest man changed man

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Eileen‘s Commentation

To talk about the permanence and impermanence of the wealth of the richest man changed man

Recently,“the real estate magnate”Wang Jianlin and his family has topped Homeward’s wealth charts and become the richest man of China with 220 billion again. It’s the second time for him to have topped the first richest chart, in 2013 the first time he‘ve got it with the wealth of 135 billion. This time his wealth increased by nearly 63%.Is Wang Jianlin happy or worry, when he’s got the top after losing it? Let’s study the evolution of the richest man in recent years.

By reading “Hurun List” in recent years, we can also find the position of the richest man seems never fixed.Zong Qinghou,Ma Yun ,Li Hejun , Wang JIanlin...... changed. It was just in the first half of this year, Li Hejun,the Chairman of the Board of Hina Holding became the richest man of China ,having wun Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin. All of a sudden, there were various positive reports abound. But not long the stock market shocks very much just this year, Hina also failed to escape the robbery. The stock market crashed to limit down overnight made the richest man suddenly shrunk 93.5 billion, and lost his richest man throne in only 20 minutes. I can’t help thinking of a word: impermanence.

Things are changeable, wealth is impermanence. From the ancient times to nowadays no country could last long, nor could a company last forever. Lehman Brothers, Enron, China's Jianlibao and other industry giants all were bankrupt. But many despised and controversial companies have won a great success, and been set up an entrepreneurs example. All this shows that impermanence has been emerging. In particular, our country has entered a new economic normality, a large number of backward and excess production capacity of enterprises have been eliminated, a lot of the scenery enterprises in past time have felled, many entrepreneurs never recovered ...... people are feeling that things are changeable.

Things are changeable, and change is for survival. Change is the norm in the development of things; the richest owners are the norm of wealth on the list. In response to the global financial crisis, and the economic downturn, a variety of macroeconomic policies has been taken in our country. This year, in our country a number of regulatory policies have been introduced to stimulate the real estate, to loosen the regulation and release the restriction of the real estate market, so that the real estate market has come into the “new normal”. Wang Jianlin has just grasped this good policy ,and has got the rapid growth of wealth ,and  became the richest man again.

Wealth is gotten with morality, virtue is on. In ancient China there was an introduction: if heirloom is virtue, your wealth can last more than ten generations, but wealth as heirloom yours can only last three generations. In Japan people also say so .Why does it emphasize that only the indicator of over the third rich generations are allowed on the rich list in Forbes ? Why does it emphasize that only the indicators of over the third rich generations are allowed on the rich list in Forbes? Why did President Xi made personally the New Three Types of United Front as “And the second working generation” rather than “the second rich generation” It means every one would lost wealth and the final recognition without virtue.

We are told in the Lecture of “The Turning Point”: development is the last word, fortune and virtue is fixed target; Composure means everything. Training composure is the more important than learning anything. This means that morality plays a decisive role in the flow of wealth, while composure is an addition for good fortune. The richest Ma Yun ever was spoken roughly on the credit system. The richest Li Hejun was ever freshened after losing his the throne of richest man......all of these tell us our richest men must train their morality and composure.

Wealth isn’t good or bad ,but it’s good for correct usage. When we understand good luck is our fixed target, we must use our wealth correctly.

Teacher Ellen mentioned in the lesson of 《The Secret of wealth》:Self-centered concept of wealth would inevitably make us drop into the trap of wealth. The God of Wealth likes an invisible hand you can’t escape its palm whatever you do. If you follow it, it would play a positive role for you or presses you, you would suffer till you are surrendered.

     But now many people lack of a correct understanding of wealth concept, and take a lot of crooked road in the pursuit of money. Many richest men think they can enjoy when they have got money, but no thought they would be bankrupt overnight, from great wealth to debt-ridden. razilian Rore. Guirou ever inherited a legacy of $ 2 billion, and became the richest in Brazil then after his father's death. However due to excessive extravagance, ore felled to lived in a small department in a remote neighborhoods and was supported by the government’s dole career point and sadly passed away last.

    These living examples tell people, money itself is not wrong; the key lies in how to be used by people. Using money correctly, transferring positive energy such as using for the construction of the tower and statue, and the cause of charity with real soul, you can give yourself much good luck and get more and more wealth. Conversely, you use your money for food, drink and gamble, you would expend your good luck, many examples.

Things are changeable, wealth is change hands. Wish all richest men in China can recognize the secret of wealth and make wealth impermanence go usual.

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