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President Xi’s Methodology for Ethnic Unity

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2015-10-26   Author:You Lian   Browse Times:907
Eileen‘s Commentation

President Xi’s Methodology for Ethnic Unity

On the occasion of celebration on the 66th anniversary for the founding of People’s Republic of China, as invited by President Xi, 13 excellent representatives from the basic levels of 5 autonomous regions in China came to Beijing to attend the National Day celebration activities. At this occasion, President Xi said that ethnic unity should be heart to heart and advocate sincerity. Hereby in the new era, the “heart to heart” way to maintain ethnics unity has became a much-told story.

Those with insight could find that in the diplomacy and domestic affairs of President Xi’s office, “heart to heart” is seen quite often, example, the “heart to heart” communication between Chinese President Xi and American President Obama; “heart to heart” communication between President Xi and carders; “heart to heart” orientation in ethnic unity etc. It seems that the President Xi’s way of “heart to heart” communication in multi-applications got great achievement. In President Xi’s way of handling world affairs, “heart to heart” is always oriented and taken into effect, which is sure to get the ethnics unity heart of the brothers and sisters in fifty-five ethnics in China.

Outside the recognition, someone would ask that could we use the experience from the five thousand years of Chinese history in terms of ethnics unity? Let’s review the ethnics unity policies in Chinese history. Since the Spring and Autumn ages when the dividing nations were fighting against each other for supremacy, the integrity of nations has been the priority in ruling of subsequent various dynasties. The rulers always got some short peaceful years by beneficial policies or military means, which was also achieved due to the political and cultural background at that time. Nowadays, people understand that the benefit based communication cannot last long and the military means doesn’t follow the current peace theme. Therefore, President Xi’s way of “heart to heart” communication follows the times and people’s wishes in the nation.

Then, what does President Xi focus on in ethnics communication? Record shows that, since 2013, President Xi has been keeping the heart oriented style on the issue of ethnic unity.

First, keep a calm heart towards the overall situation. President Xi stressed for many times on various ethnic unity meetings that the multi-ethnics is the wealth from our predecessors and the ethnics unity attaches great importance to the overall situation and also the lifeline of various ethnics; only with unified heart and mind can we achieve the “Two One-hundred Years” objective and realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Second, face issue squarely with strong will. The national leadership group, President Xi as the leader, face the ethnic issue squarely and establish the firm national value and ethnic value; firmly follow the correct path of dealing with ethnic issues with Chinese characteristics; with respect to ethnics economy development, always get the various ethnics benefited from the achievement of reform and development; pay great importance to the building of large ecological protection projects in ethnic regions to finally achieve the objective of overall well-off society; do a good job of counterpart support for Tibet and Xinjiang Provinces.

Third, pay close attention to human and culture and be “heart to hear”. President Xi’s way on ethnics unity attaches is quite human and culture oriented. Being human oriented means that the CPC and human play the critical roles in ethnics unity work. Being culture oriented mean that we should greatly inherit and carry forward the ethnic culture to provide strong spiritual power to the development in ethnic minority areas.

President Xi’s “heart to heart” methodology reminds me of the profound analysis for President Xi’s new normal delivered by Eileen on Adapt to New Normal and Improve Professional Loyalty in the serious lecture of “The Turning Point”. On the lecture, she also talked about the “way”. She said that only the way integrating into work and life is effective and can become a general style. Therefore, the “heart to heart” way is quite outstanding in terms of ethnics unity, domestic and diplomacy affair handling and social intercourse, which is a valuable model for us to follow. 

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