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Don’t Use Organizational Difference to Define Heroes

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Eileen‘s Commentation

Don’t Use Organizational Difference to Define Heroes

It was not peaceful in this August. The severe explosion occurred in a chemical plant in Binhai New Area, Tianjin, on August 12, 2015 draw widespread attention. Many young fire fighters died overnight and many people had a sleepless night. General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang delivered important instruction and remarks for the incident.

These fire fighters are young, and many of them are impermanent staff. But in the most dangerous moment, they forged to the frontline without hesitation, regardless of the danger to their lives.

On the afternoon of August 16, Premier Li Keqiang came to the temporary mourning hall at Tianjin Binhai New Area, stood in silence and bowed to the fire fighters died in the August 12 explosion incident. He said that the died permanent fire fighters and impermanent staff performed the same duty. They should be treated equally and deserved the same pension and glory. As one Hong Kong journalist asked the issue of “impermanent” staff, Premier Li Keqiang strongly responded that the permanent fire fighters and impermanent fire fighters were all trained They forged ahead, regardless of the danger of fire. We are sorry for their death. They are all heroes and there is no impermanent hero.

“There is no impermanent hero” – how plain the words are. In this August full of sadness, the haze over people’s heart is alleviated by these words of Premier Li Keqiang, which brightened the dark August.

Yeah, for a long term, those who are not on the regular payroll are underestimated, being regarded as impermanent employee, which alienates the relations between people. Most of the time, just because of the regularness on payroll, the impermanent employee seems at a grade lower than others. They are not only treated differently in salary, but also underestimated in terms of social respect. In recent years in many companies, especially state-owned companies and governmental departments, more and more impermanent employees are used. In some front window services, most of the employees are impermanent. On many positions, there are both permanent employees and employees from the third party, doing the same work together, but with different salary, which has been a normal. In 2012, the Nangang district of Harbin planned to recruit some cleaners. At that time, 3000 university graduates with bachelor or master degree struggled to apply for this position, just because that this position is on the regular payroll. People recognize that the cleaners belong to the governmental organization and are on the regular payroll as well.

The real hero always keeps silent. The impermanent polices have been maintaining the regular order on road, ensuring the traffic safety; the impermanent fire fighters run to the frontline and reduced the state loss to the minimum at the most urgent moment. 

However, the “impermanent employee” event in recent years brought shadow to people’s heart. Two impermanent employees were fired in the “fake ambulance event”; the impermanent employees were suspended from their posts after one shop owner was hurt by the city inspectors; the investigation report ascribed the great fire occurred in Lindian grain depot of China Grain Reserves Corporation, which result in loss of near RMB10 million, to insufficient supervision of impermanent employees….Impermanent employee seems the scapegoat in case of any event or incident and the best excuse for certain leaders to boil the pot.

There is no privilege in China and everyone is treated equally without discrimination. It is well known that “everybody is equal before the law”, but it is seldom mentioned that everybody can enjoy the equal treatment in terms of glory. In case of severe natural disaster, such as earthquake, fire and typhoon, the impermanent employees always move ahead without hesitation, but only the permanent employees can enjoy the reward.

There is no bad people in the eyes of the Bodhisattva. Buddha and Bodhisattva are respected and worshipped by thousand millions of people because they have no difference and discrimination towards people and people are all regarded as equal in their eyes.

People are only different in terms of work division. People are all equal “lighters” in terms of the core values. Mao Zedong said that people is the only real drive creating world history. People have no organizational constraint and everyone can contribute its power to the socialist course building.

Only through breaking the cocoon can the silkworm produce silk. Let us review the past and be open to the future. The 18th CPC national congress put forward the socialist core values, advocating a free, equal, fair and legally governed society. How shall we remove the discrimination and equally treat the employees contributing their effort silently? May the words of Premier Li Keqiang can bring a complete new change. Let wait and see what happens.

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