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Nothing but harm to “Sade”in Korea

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Nothing but harm to “Sade”in Korea

Nothing but harm to “Sade”in Korea

Originally,under the efforts of China's multilateral diplomacy,the issue of North Korea's nuclear test has been successfully handed to UN Security Council to implement the sanctions orbit,US and South Korea both expressed they haven’t been normally sure “Sade ”in Korea.However, why did US-ROK suddenly announce to deploy officially “Sade”in Korea in the next day when the arbitration about the South China Sea was fallen down,These two things are seemingly unrelated ,but associated with each other.You say what the United States trying to do ?Obviously,the United States increased the intensity of the challenges and threat to China by these two things.This matter has caused great concern inside our country and the associated countries around,  many kinds of indications show us  "Sad" into South Korea a hundred more harm than good things.

First, the "Sad" into Korean is getting burned.The current situation on the Korean peninsula is extremely tense,It’s obviously a big mistake for  Korea to give up the six-party talks,with the help of US military to ensure their security.”Sad”into Korea will further exacerbate tensions of the Korean peninsula,China,North Korea and Russia and other countries will not sit idly by.China and Russia have warned the "Sad" deployment would destabilize the region,,for the first time North Korea warned the US and South Korea for “Sad”,said it would be "force to deal with," and would make South Korea become a common enemy of China, Russia and North Korea."Sad" into South Korea is not only no good for South Korea,but will dragged it into US military confrontation with China and Russia.Since agreeding to US’deployment Sad inside is equal to join to US’ global anti-missile system,carrying the big war weapon toward their own territory and making itself be a hit target,getting burned.And technologically, the deployment of “Sad”system is far beyond Korea defense requirements,the system couldn’t intercept the nuclear weapons,which the Department of Defense admits.But due Sad systems deployment in South Korea will lead to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia suffer great damage, and even the peace of the whole world have brought risks, which runs counter to efforts to safeguard peace and stability on the peninsula.

Second,“Sad”into Korea is scapegoat instead. No doubt that US is the hand slap of the deployment of "Sade" system in South Korea who is always looking for the chance to do so .In order to achieve the purpose of dominating the world, it can be described as exhausted the means.Today, the national power of the USA is gradually declining,For its unshakable dominance,it makes things difficult for those countries who may  pose a threat to it.It wins EU over economic sanctions against Russia,contains China's rise by the strategy of coming back to Asia-Pacific,gets China's neighboring countries together to fight against China.With the deployment of "Sade" system in Korea it tries to set up the Asian version of "NATO" with the alliance of the USA ,Japan and Korea,in order to make shameless military threat to China and Russia and other countries.But South Korea seems to forget that the United States is not reliable,”The USA establish its own security on the unsafe basis of other countries.It’s a conspiracy to harm the legitimate security interests of other countries with the excuse of so-called" security threat ". Is it really for US to deploy "Sade" in Korea for South Korea’s safety?You see Sin Chew, Osan, Qunshan, Daegu, Pyeongtaek.etc. in which “Sade”is deploied are in the scope of the USFK base,but the capital Seoul and its metropolitan area has been excluded from the scope of defense .Thus ,"Sade" in Korea has made Korea tied to the chariot by US.Once the war broke out,Korea would become inevitably a cannon fodder caught in sacrifice as a scapegoat.While the USA would unscathed beneficiary due to far from its home.Look at all happened recently,The late apology of Turkey’s President to Putin,announcement of the United Kingdom” war on Iraq Survey",which implies the little friends of US that your background ,the USA isn’t reliable.

Just as what the Foreign Minister Wang Yi said,US has deployed big killer with the nuclear problems on the Korean Peninsula,it’s very obviously another purpose. For what ? Obvious, clear to understand .

Third,  "Sade" into South Korea is hard for it to be a man. Since 1992  the diplomatic relations established,China and South Korea has been developing well,China has become South Korea's largest trading partner and largest investment destination,the two sides have carried out friendly exchanges and cooperation in the fields of politics, economy, trade, culture, etc. Especially,coming into force of "China-ROK FTA" in December last year led to the development of bilateral economic benefit enterprises of both countries and the peoples.An important reason of the smooth cooperation is that Korea selected neutral for Sino-US relations and major strategic security issues.The Sad deployment in South Korea is South Korea destroyed the foundation of development of Sino-Korea,China firmly opposes the countries concerned to make inroads on China's strategic security interests with peninsula nuclear issue.According to the report of Korean media that after the US and South Korea announced "Sad" into South Korea,the huge ripple effect raised inside and outside,not only China and Russia and other countries expressed strong protest and ready to take counter-measures, but in Korea, opposition voices has been heard. It is reported in many places anti-Korean "Sad" demonstrations were outbroken,even “showing minds in blood”.On the morning of July 15 Prime Ministe Huang Jiao-an,the defense minister Han Minqiu hold a briefing meeting in Seongju and tried to  appease the protesters but the people threw eggs and bottles of mineral water,and when they left,the people traffic jam lasted for 6 hours,which was the first time for the prime minister and the defense minister was  "house arrested"in Korea;s history.Although ,President Park Geun-hye has repeatedly stressed that the deployment of Sade is not directed against a third party in addition to North Korea, but in fact agreeding to the deployment of "Sad" is for containing China with the US.If South Korea insists,it is bound to seriously damage bilateral relations,nor to be supported by their people,and less likely to get asylum in the United States and I ‘m afraid it would be awkward inside and outside.So the diplomatic strategy is unworkable for South Korea to "rely on the Chinese economy, rely on US security"

Thus, "Sad" into South Korea is dog in the manger,a hundred more harm than good.I hope South Korea to maintain concentration,look before you leap.Don’t make a big mistake with a fad,then mat be too late to regret.

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