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Will America and India be with One Mind?

enlarge font  reduce font Release Date:2016-07-04   Author:Naruis Eileen   Browse Times:945
Naruis Eileen 【An expert lecturer from “The Great Turning Point” Wisdom Lecture Platform】

Will America and India be with One Mind?

Over the recent years, there is frequent military intercourse between the U.S. and India. Further to American Secretary of Defense Carter’s visit to India in April, American and Indian officials hold a “maritime security dialogue” in New Delhi; meanwhile, America and India will also sign a historical Logistics Support Agreement. American media hyped and claimed “China's Worst Nightmare: Is a U.S. - India Military Alliance Brewing?” But I believe that the hype of American media just showed their sense of insecurity. I think India would not necessarily have the same mind with America.

First, India’s great power strategy is not secure. In recently years, with accelerating economic growth, India, with the large marketing potential and special geological location, became the favorite of many countries. In order to achieve its dream of great power, India will not rashly follow a particular country; instead, based on the existing advantageous situation, it looks into strategic balance among the large powers to seek maximum interest for itself. In recent years, in order to restrain the growing China, America shifted the military strategy from Europe to Asia and released an “Asia Pacific Rebalancing Strategy”. India is regarded as a key country for cooperation by America due to its special geological and political position. America tries to support its focus transfer of global strategy distribution to Asia through military cooperation with India. Indian media reports that the U.S. Congress passed the defense bill of allowing India to join in the NATO allies. Being afraid that the rise of China would constitute threat to India and with wishes of having breakthrough in cooperation with America in terms of technology, equipment and weapon transfer so as to obtain advanced technology from America, India steps closer to America with close military ties in between in recent years. Though America and India seemingly talk about collaboration, each of them has its own axe to grind. India has long-term friendly relationship with Russia, keeps close cooperation in terms of politics and military, and has relatively large reliance on Russia for nuclear cooperation, defense technology and bilateral trade. India will not give up the relationship with Russia in pursuit of America. China is an important trade partner of India. The Chinese development plays an important support role for the economic growth of India, which is manifested by Indian participation of AIIB, BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Forum. India will not develop relationship with America at cost of relationship with China. The recent communications and statements between two countries show that China is ready to develop bilateral trade, investment and economic relationship with India and the two countries are open for dialogue and cooperation. From the above, it seems that India goes well with China, Russia and America and its bilateral and multilateral relationship are insecure and indefinite.

Second, India has an insecure relationship and many territorial disputes with the neighboring countries. There is severe ethnical and religious conflict inside India. Though India is the largest county in South Asia and has been trying to control the neighboring countries, the neighboring countries didn’t bow their head because of pressure imposed by India but obtained a lot of investment and keep close relationship with China. Let’s take Pakistan as an example. Since a long time, Pakistan has a bad and tense relationship with India from time to time because of land disputes, but keeps a friendly and natural ally relationship with China. From establishment of diplomatic relations on May 21, 1951, the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan had passed various tests and Pakistan is the country with the largest volume of weapons imported from China. Relation between Bangladesh and India is also not good. There is also boundary tension from time to time between the two countries. However, since establishment of ties with China, the two countries keep a good relationship and conducted effective collaboration in the area of politics, economy, military and culture etc. Recently, during an interview to Xinhua reporter, Bangladesh Information Minister Inu mentioned that “from the first day of relation establishment, China is involved into Bangladesh economic building and contributes a lot to its economic growth”. Therefore, China constructed ports in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and its military warships and submarines also call at there. Additionally, many South Asia countries are on the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-Century Maritime Silk Roads and are the AIIB members. The rise of China will bring significant investment opportunities to these countries. The economic foundation determines the superstructure. No country would like to reject the favorable resources.

Third, Indian force capability is undermined by its corruption. India is notorious for its corruption. Unlike in China, though India spoke a lot against corruption, there is no much measure actually implemented. The high management never makes firm determination to fight against the corruption and even run protection racket for the corrupt officials to make the situation even worse. Indian forces is therefore hard to be unaffected under the corrupt circumstances. The scale of Indian forces ranks at the third largest in the world, but they are restricted by the corruption issue. As we know, India implements an enlisting system. Many people enlisted into the army just for the sake of pursuing material benefits and sustaining the families. Lack of noble ideal belief and value pursuit is a general issue among them. An army without proper belief is no more than a group of vulnerable mob. As early as 1960s in Sino-India Border War, India forces, with all favorable conditions, was defeated by the Chinese army with only third thousand soldiers, mainly due to corruption and lack of ideal and belief. Over 50 years past, corruption in India forces became even severe, which makes the large military forces a “paper tiger”. Therefore, the American self-righteousness that the military ally with India would make the U.S. undefeatable in the world is only a daydream.

Contact between countries is never exclusively favorable or unfavorable to one country. Each country should be benefited properly from the diplomatic games. It is certain that the life community put forward by China is being recognized by more and more countries, including India, while the American plot of deluding other countries to act as its paw against China is seen through. Therefore, the American plan of luring India to its side to contain China is bound to end up with failure. 

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