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Industrial Universal Joint
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product/Service: Browsing Times:1682universal joint  
Type: NB-D40-22D-130,NB-D36-20D-128 
Specification: GERMAN 808 
Brand: DJJX 
Unit Price: 5.00USD/ 
Minimun Order Quantity: 500  
Total Supply:
Deliver Deadline: Once finish the payment 15cargo will be delivered in days
Update Date: 2012-06-17  Period Of Validity To:Long Term Validity

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Detail Information

  • Typical applications:
    • Can be used as a linkage or transmission, between two intentionally misaligned shafts, rather than just as a coupling
  • Advantages:
    • Roller bearings lubricated for life
    • select from solid hubs, bored hubs and bores with keyways
    • Angle: 90° (maximum)
    • Speed: 3,000rpm (maximum)
    • Available in various materials
    • All sub-components very precisely machined from bar: No cheap castings or powdered metal parts, resulting in better overall and more consistent performance
    • Several subtle design innovations that optimize performance and reduce cost
    • Could manufacture products according to your provided drawing or samples
  • Variations offered by DJJX couplings:
    • Materials for midsection: 8F, 20Cr or 40Cr
    • Materials for hub: 40Cr/45# steel
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