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Established in 2005, Hangzhou DJ Machinery specializes in manufacturing all kinds of universal joints. Our product range includes steering U joints, agriculture universal joints, industrial universal joints, universal joint kits, cardan joints, drive shafts, extension joints, telescopic joints, assemble joints, derrick universal joints, printer universal joints, medical universal joints and others. All our products are applicable in different fields such as machinery equipment, packaging systems, transportation facilities, medical equipment, agriculture machines, construction machinery, automobiles and forklifts.
There are three categories of universal joints per appearance and function including single, double and extension. We also produce according to all kinds of series per inside construction design such as PB (cube and pin), PR (cube, pin and bushing), NB (needle bearing) and CN (cross-needle bearing).
At our 13,000-square-meter factory, we employ a powerful technical team includ... [More Details]

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