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Taizhou Longking Machinery Co.,ltd

generator engine spare part,motorcycle parts

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About Us
 We are the professional manufactor and distributor of gasoline generator,diesel generator,water pump.  For generator parts,our main products as follow:

               1)HONDA  : GX120,GX160,GX200,170FA,170FB,GX240,GX270,GX340,GX390,GX420,G100,G200,G300..                     2)YAMAHA Series:ET950,ET2600,ET3600,ET4000,ET6600,LG900...
               3)Robin Series:EY15,EY20,EY28....
               4)Diesel Generators:D170F,D178F,D186F,D186FA....
               5)Water pump/motorcycle parts
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