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Thomas Technologies Co;.Ltd

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Specializing in developing and manufacturing adhesives, Thomas is committed to creating the best-for-ever products of its field and providing tailored technical support for its customers. We offer a wide range of adhesives adhering to a variety of substrates and covering all the fields that involves adhesives.
  Backed up by highly skilled technicians and supported by the experts in the field, Thomas offers innovative products with fabulous versatility of use in many different applications. Our products enjoy high reputation in both domestic and foreign markets. Our unparalleled products are designed for sealing, embedding, potting and repairing of substrates in a variety of fields including automotive assembly, electronics industry, appliance assembly, furniture manufacturing,construction and in other general industries. On the top of that, our technicians are continuing to develop new and innovative products to meet market needs as we work in collaboration with customers to delive... [More Details]

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