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Zhoushan Sheen Machinery Co.,ltd

Professional manufacturer of screw and barrel for plastic processing machine and plastic products

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About Us

Zhoushan Sheen Machinery Company is a enterprise which engages in special design,manufacture and sales of screw,barrel and accessories for injection molding machine,extrusion maching and other plastic machine.
Our main products are single screw/barrel,conical twin barrel/ screw,parallel twin screw/barrel,bimetallic screw barrel,vented barrel screw,PET screw ,EPE Screw,EPS screw and so on.
      Our products are of high quality materials alloy steel 38CrMoAlA, quenched, forming, qualitative, nitrogen (or spray two-alloy), grinding, polishing and other refining process, so that they have good wear and corrosion resistance or longer service life,it is the product of choice to replace imported screw.barrel
      we are well equipped with different kinds of advanced CNC machines.for example,cnc thread milling machine,cnc screw polishing machine,imported screw grinding mahcine,computer control nitriding furnace ;Secondly,with strong technical force,we can design different... [More Details]

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