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yixing Jianhua Water Treatment Co.,LTD

dissolved air flotation, oil water separator, mechanical bar screen, MBR sewage treatment plant ,spray tower scrubber ,acid gas absorber ,well water filter

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 dissolved air flotation factory,oil water separator,mechanical bar screen ,Exhaust gas absorber manufacturerin China
WE are engaged in designing, manufacturing, installing and debugging in water treatment and purifying since the 1980’s.
Our products fall into three general categories, they are as follows:
I. Water supplying treatment system: filter, Reverse Osmosis water treatment system, ultrafiltration water treatment, Ion Exchanger System,well water filter,surface water treatment system.
II. Wastewater draining system: underground sewage water treatment, settling tank, marine oil-water separator, dissolved air flotation equipment, water recycling system.mechanical bar screen.
III. Circulating water system: FRP cooling tower, swimming pool circulating water treatment system, automatic filter, automatic river water purifying treatment system.
Ⅳ. PVC/PP Exhaust gas absorber: acid moisture absorber, waste gas activated carbon s absorber, Spray tower scrubber.
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