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Changzhou Pilotage Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd

multiifunctional shoes cabinets manufacturer and exporter

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About Us
    Changzhou Pilotage Electrical Techonology Co.,Ltd is a shareholding private enterprise of Changzhou Apollo Solar Energy Water Heater Co.,Ltd, which is integrated with r&d,production and sale. Main products: shoes storage cabinet which have function of sterilization/disinfection,deodorization/exorcising peculiar smell,dry/exorcising humidity,auto-inducting cleaning shoes; cambine-unit combined with shoe cabinet which can be hanged clothes or hat; kitchen cupboard that cab be intelligent controlled up and down etc. Pilotage is aimed to lead our house life to a much reasonable,comfortable,and let us enter into scientific and healthy life.
      Let us make great efforts to own our harmonious society,!! [More Details]

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