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Diesel two-headed wrench
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product/Service: Browsing Times:556Bolt wrench 
Type: NLB600 
Brand: Jinzhou Tiegong  
Unit Price: Negotiable  Inquiry
Minimun Order Quantity: 1 sets  Order
Total Supply:
Deliver Deadline: Once finish the payment 5cargo will be delivered in days
Update Date: 2012-07-09  Period Of Validity To:Long Term Validity

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Detail Information

A, scope of

NLB-600 type diesel bolt wrench is applicable to the railway line sleeper bolts, nuts and tighten the unscrew homework. The machine is the double sleeve and homework, reverse large torque in 600 N · m, various corrosion can be unscrew bolt and high efficiency. At the same time change impact torque to the static torque, the operation of the unit pressure small error; The reversing flexible, concentrated control, simple operation, and is a lot of loose and tight bolts multifarious homework indispensable necessary equipment.

Second, the main technical parameters

1, the gasoline engine model: Honda GX160H1

2, the gasoline engine power rating: 4 kw

Three, the gasoline engine speed: 1800 r/min

4, spindle speed: 73-78 r/min

5, sleeve quantity: 2

6, sleeve centre distance: 214 + 0.5 mm

7, tighten torque adjustable: 80-170 N, m

8, maximum unscrew torque: > 600 N, m

9, the factory tighten torque: 125 N, m

10, work efficiency: quartile 10 / points

11, quality; 79 kg

12, appearance size: 855 x 490 x 820 (mm)

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