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 Electric spinning is mulberry silk woven silk fabric, which is woven with plain weave. It is named after the use of factory silk and electric silk loom instead of earth and wood weaving. Foreign name electricity texture

There are many varieties of electric spinning. According to different fabric materials, there are silk electric spinning, viscose silk electric spinning and silk viscose silk interwoven electric spinning. According to the weight per square meter of fabric, there are weight (40g / m2 or more), medium and light (20g / m2 or less). According to the different dyeing and finishing processes, there are whitening, dyeing and printing.
Silk electric textiles are compact and clean, with a soft feel, soft luster, and smooth and comfortable wear. Mainly used as summer shirts, skirt fabrics and children's clothing fabrics; medium can be used as clothing lining; lightweight can be used as petticoats, headscarves, etc. Is a high-grade fabric. You can find S... [More Details]

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